No workout is needed to reduce obesity, scientists have discovered a special protein

From sweating hours in the gym to different types of yoga, all kinds of workouts that are said to help reduce obesity. Despite this, the desired result is not available. But if you are told that you can lose several kilos even without any workout, then you may not believe this, but this is absolutely true. Yes, scientists have discovered a protein in the person’s body that will help in weight loss without moving the body.  

According to scientists, protein has so much power that it can give the results of gym, exercise and walking to lose weight without shaking the body. The special thing is that this protein is not in the form of pills but it is naturally present inside the person’s body.

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that a protein called cestarin can give a person all the benefits of a good workout without moving the muscles.

According to Myungjin Kim, a research assistant professor in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Psychology, this protein named ‘Sesterin’ freezes in the muscles after exercise. Kim professors work with Jun Ki Lee’s team of one. Who are collecting information about the relationship between protein and exercise. 

Taking advantage of the common practice of Drosophila flies, Wayan State University in Detroit and their partners built a type of trade mill.

This team trains the flies using that treadmill for three weeks. These trend flies were later compared with other normal flies. In which, by understanding the difference in their flight and running ability, the researchers found that these flies lacked the formation of sestrin.

Lee said, “The flies usually lasted for 4 to 6 hours. Normal flies showed improvement during this time. But there was no improvement in their exercise due to the lack of cestrin in the trend flies.

When researchers looked at overexpressed amounts of sestrin in normal flies, they understood that those flies had more potential than trend flies, and that too without exercising. Also, when overexpressed, those overexpressed flies are unable to be patient.

A lack of sestrin is often seen in mice because they are associated with greater exercise and exercise. Due to their lack of this, mice can see a decrease in fat burning, breathing, aerobic capacity.

Lee suggests, “By driving or closing various metabolic pathways, sestrin can coordinate with biological activities.” He further adds, this type of combination will be important in the effects of exercise.

Can Sestrin Supplements be on Horizon? No, Lee said, that there are no small molecules of cestrin, but “we are working to find modules of small molecules of cestarin”.