PM Modi at Amroha rally: Rahul Gandhi Insults Sanatan Dharma Again, PM criticizes I.N.D.I alliance

Lucknow: INDI alliance is working to target vote bank. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Rahul is insulting Sanatana Dharma and Dwaraka for votes. He was addressing the election campaign rally in Amroha.

Leaders of the INDI alliance, including Rahul, are trying to destroy decades of trust for votes. She even refused an invitation to the Prana Pratishtha ceremony. The aim of the INDI coalition is to insult the beliefs,” said the Prime Minister.

Congress has been cheating the backward classes for years. A change came in 2014. He also stated that the central government is trying to bring the backward classes to the forefront.

Poojas were performed at Dwaraka with great devotion and full faith. But the Prime Minister openly said that Rahul tried to insult even Lord Krishna.