Ram Temple: Congress backs down; Jamaat-e-Islami sharply criticizes

Ram Temple Congress backs down; Jamaat-e-Islami sharply criticizes
Ram Temple Congress backs down; Jamaat-e-Islami sharply criticizes

Jamaat-e-Islami Kerala Ameer M.I. Abdul Aziz. The Sangh Parivar is trying to take the country under their control. Congress is the opposition party responsible for resisting it. But the soft Hindutva rhetoric of the Congress leaders against the Sangh Parivar is highly reprehensible, ”he said.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir

Building a temple on Babri land itself is against the secular values ​​of India. The vast majority of the people in the country are against it. The Sangh Parivar is pursuing its own agenda with the backing of power. The Indian people are making a last-ditch effort not to submit to it. In this context, Abdul Aziz asked what was the relevance of its existence if the Congress was to bless and support the construction of the temple.

It was the strong opposition of the people to fascism and Hindutva that helped the party to make its presence felt in the last Lok Sabha elections, including in Kerala. Priyanka Gandhi and others have now taken a stand to reverse that support. After the rise of fascism in the country, the support of the secular, democratic-minded people and the Muslim, Dalit and backward classes is the basis of the survival of the Congress.

The Congress has a democratic obligation to combat the insecurity felt by the Muslim minority against Sangh Parivar fascism while upholding the country’s constitutional values ​​and secular tradition. Ignoring this, the Jamaat-e-Ameer said that the soft Hindutva politics pursued by the Congress against the Sangh Parivar politics was irrational and suicidal.

In the last Lok Sabha elections, the Congress was fully supported by the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Welfare Party. The Welfare Party leadership has started a church with the UDF to form an alliance in the local elections. Meanwhile, the Congress has come out in support of the Ram temple, cutting off the Jamaat leadership.