Robin will settle down in Dubai after the wedding

Robin is the most admired television star.Robin rose to fame through Bigg Boss Season 4. The show could not be completed. Robin had to be kicked out in 70 days for punching a fellow contestant. Had the actor stood forward, perhaps Robin would have won the title of Bigg Boss Season 4. Robin immediately falls in love with Aarthi Podhi, a girl who came to interview him after Bigg Boss.

Now, after marriage, Robin says that his plan is to settle down in Dubai and start some business there. Robin’s words were like this’I’m getting married on the 26th of June. A lot of media had come for the engagement. Coming from a normal middle class family, that’s a huge accolade for me. In the future I will be able to proudly tell my children that so many people came to our wedding. Golden Visa was received. Common people don’t use golden visa when they get it.

UAE is a place where we have a lot of potential. I am exploring it. Small wishes are being fulfilled. I saw it as a great honor and privilege to be granted a Golden Visa by the Government of India. It was only then that I realized its possibility. UAE chooses by understanding everything.. That’s why choose a place like Dubai. Aren’t they all going to work in Dubai? So am I going. Let something happen.

Cash is very cheap to pick up a Panamera in Dubai. I belong to a lower middle class family and I don’t have much money. There are only one-fourth as many mites there as here. That’s why one was taken there. Would love to get one here too. I don’t want to be a millionaire. There are many desires. Want to do little things. I want to help many people.

I want to employ as many people as possible. After the wedding, Podi will settle down in Dubai. Because after the wedding, Padi will get a golden visa. She is a great designer. There is a desire to do an international branding by associating with Arathi. The marriage will take place at the Guruvayur Temple. It is being tried for that