Spread of the disease to the police; Law enforcers are as concerned as health workers

With the entry of COVID into the society, the police in Kozhikode district are being affected the most. Health workers and police alike are working in the midst of the Kovid threat. Covid-19 was first confirmed by a constable at the Beypore police station in the city.COVID: fined up to Rs 10,000 for violating regulations

Kozhikode In the last two days, COVID has affected several policemen. Shine Babu, the CPO senior clerk in the rural office, died yesterday. After COVID confirmed to the Kozhikode North Assistant Commissioner, the City Police Commissioner, and others came under scrutiny. The eight ACPs were monitored by the CI and SI of Nadkavu police station. North Assoc. The commissioner’s office closed.

The district office of the Special Branch at the Vadakara Rural Headquarters was closed. The action was taken after the employee of the Special Branch Office became Kovid positive. Home monitoring including DySP.Covid fear Kannur is worried, the District will be closed down completely

COVID was attacked by an employee of the Special Branch following his contact with CPO Clark, who died of Kovid infection. COVID confirmed to the SIA at the Thiruvambadi police station last week that other employees at the station had gone under surveillance. Kovid was found guilty of robbery in Koduvalli and was being monitored by the SI.

The spread of COVID to the police in this way is widespread. As the station closes and the police go on patrol, it significantly affects law and order. GS Sreejesh, district secretary of the Kerala Police Association, said that despite the Kovid threat, the police could not stay away.