Life Mission Project; Commission from the construction company; The Swapna and other partners got Rs 3 crore 60 lakh

The Enforcement Directorate has said that in the Vadakkancherry Life Mission project, Rs. According to the Directorate of Enforcement, the project was funded by a senior member of the UAE Consulate and an Egyptian citizen at the Consulate.

Swapna Suresh Case
Swapna Suresh Case

Enforcement also learns that Swapna received Rs 70 lakh in 2019 from the company that awarded the contract for visa stamping at the consulate. The commission of the dream was one thousand dollars when a kilo of gold was smuggled. According to the enforcement, the Vadakkancherry Life Mission project, which provides flats to those who lost their homes in the floods, is worth Rs 18 crore. Twenty percent of this, i.e. Rs. Sapna shared 3 crores 60 lakhs with the High Commissioner at the Consulate in the UAE and the Egyptian citizen at the Consulate.

According to the enforcement, Sandeep Nair, another accused in the gold smuggling case, had negotiated with the construction company to take over the construction contract. It is not clear whether the commission was shared with anyone else or whether the company paid the commission to someone else.The smuggling gang was ready to destroy the Swapna and the family.

In 2019, he bought a dream commission of Rs 70 lakh from a company that had contracted for UAE visa stamping through the consulate. The commission of the dream was $ 1000 from the smuggling of a kilo of gold. But on the pretext of paying the consulate superior, he bought another $ 1,000 for a kilo of gold.

The luggage carrying the gold was smashed by Ramis’ men at Sandeep’s house. The Enforcement Directorate has also found that KT Ramis often dreamed of reducing the amount of gold he could bring in to pay less commission.