Stray dogs attack; Seven Year Old boy seriously injured

Palakkad: A group of stray dogs attacked a seven-year-old boy. The incident took place in Tirumitakod, Palakkad. The dogs bit the flesh from the child’s legs. It is reported that the child under treatment has overcome his critical condition. The incident happened last day. The attack took place when the second class student was going to church.

A group of dogs attacked the boy near the library. With this, the child fell on the road. Hands and legs was seriously injured in the attack. He was taken to Thrissur Medical College by local residents and family members. The child was unconscious on arrival at the hospital. It is reported that the child will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.

Attacks on chickens and domestic animals, including humans, are a daily occurrence. Recently, several chickens of farmer VS Daniel were bitten to death by dogs in Adoor Anandapally. Domesticated ducks and goats in nearby areas have also been attacked by dogs.