Siddharth’s death ; The father of the accused found dead in his house

A very shocking news is coming out of Kozhikode: The father of the accused in the case related to the death of Pookod Veterinary College student Siddharth was found dead at home. Vijayan, a resident of Kozhikode Pantirikara, died. V. involved in the case. Aditya’s father. Teacher of Peruvanna GLP school . The body was shifted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital for post-mortem. The preliminary conclusion is that the cause of death is heart attack. The CBI recorded the statement of Siddharth’s family. Father Jayaprakash and uncle Shibu gave their statement at the CBI camp office in Vaithiri, Wayanad. Jayaprakash told the media that he has faith in the CBI investigation and hopes that justice will be done.

At around 10:30 in the morning, Siddharth’s family came to give a statement at the PWD Rest House in Vaithiri, where the CBI team is camping. The father said that he had told the CBI team everything he had to say and hoped for a credible investigation.

Meanwhile, the High Court stopped further proceedings on the petition filed by Siddharth’s father demanding a CBI investigation in the case. The notification that the case has been taken over by the central government has been presented to the court. The High Court directed the state police chief and the government to ensure necessary facilities for the CBI in the investigation.

The 4-day sitting of the National Human Rights Commission on the issue of Siddharth being molested began at the campus. The commission will inquire about the matter from the teachers, students, non-teaching staff etc. On the day Siddhartha was found hanging dead in the hostel’s washroom, yes, the inmates and students of the hostel went to the cinema and festival in a group. Siddharth was found dead on February 18. The statement received by the anti-ragging squad is that on this day, a large number of people went to the cinema in Bathery and Kalpatta, and a few went to festivals in Thalassery and Kannur.

With the allegations of Siddharth’s death being a murder, were the inmates deliberately kept away from the hostel, otherwise why did they go to the cinema and festival on the day of Siddharth’s death? This is now
in doubt. There are accused who even kept movie tickets to show that Siddharth was not present at the scene when he was found dead. Only one person testified that he saw Siddharth walking to the washroom.

All the others gave the statement that they saw Siddharth lying on the bed in the dormitory with a blanket covering his head from the morning of 18th. This also adds to the mystery. One of the hostel’s cooks resigned after the incident. The police have received information that the footage of the brutal torture Siddharth had to face was recorded by the students on their phones. According to the report, Siddharth was tortured continuously for eight months. According to the report, Siddharth was also subjected to the punishment of signing on the campus.

Union President Arun, who is on the chargesheet regarding Siddharth’s death, should go to Arun’s room and sign it daily. According to the statement of the classmate, Siddharth was forced to sign the contract for eight months. The report also states that the reason for harassing Siddharth in this way was because of his jealousy of shining in the campus. Siddharth was also popular in the campus as a photographer. According to the final report of the anti-ragging squad, a girl was with the accused when Siddharth was beaten up on the hill near the hostel. But there is no evidence or testimony available to confirm this. Therefore, this matter is left for the consideration of the police.

It has also been found that before noon on the 18th when Siddharth died, the students of the hostel had gone to Batheri and Kalpatta to watch the movie. This includes the defendants. The suspicion has been strengthened that this is part of a conspiracy. The squad took statements from 166 students. According to the report, the cook of the hostel mess left the job after the beating.