Suresh Gopi extends heartfelt thanks to people of thrissur for support

Suresh Gopi thanked the people of Thrissur. Suresh Gopi wrote on Facebook that he is thankful in the language of the heart for the heart-filled love of Thrissur.

Suresh Gopi had said that the party’s assessment is that the confidence in Thrissur is double in the Lok Sabha elections. But Suresh Gopi said that the mandate is important and he will wait till June 4 for that. He said that he is a complete believer in God and he is sure that God will protect him.

He has come to become an MP. If he becomes an MP, his party has the environment to work better than the Union Minister. All his earnings are from his job. There is nothing from politics – said Suresh Gopi. He said that he has conveyed his demand to the Prime Minister, the National Security Minister and the Home Minister. He said that he has told the management that he should be allowed to act in films for one or two years and has asked them to give me a break at least six months before the assembly elections.

It should be possible to do the work that is being done now. Instead, I have asked that five departmental ministers who will make possible at least 25 percent of what I want to do in Kerala as a minister should be given to Cholpadi. Cholpadi is the Cholpadi of the people.