T.Pathmanabhan criticized the chief minister in the face-to-face program

Thrissur: Indirectly criticizing the government and the Chief Minister, T. Padmanabhan. The mention was made during the face-to-face program. His remark was that he understands that the Chief Minister has made mistakes and it is the duty to correct them and move forward.

‘There are many allegations against the Kerala government. Our Chief Minister is doing a lot of work. Could be wrong. I understand that he believes he has made a mistake. It is the duty of a Karmayogi to correct those mistakes and move forward bravely, Kerala is with us’ – T. Padmanabhan said. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan did not respond to Padmanabhan’s remarks in his reply speech.

It continued in the face-to-face program in Thrissur where the chief minister addressed the media. The chief minister’s speech was allowed to be reported during the inauguration ceremony, but the media were kicked out before the face-to-face meeting with the cultural activists began.