The accused who stabbed a youth to death in Fort Kochi was arrested

The accused in the case of stabbing a shopkeeper to death in Fort Kochi has been arrested. Alan, a native of Thoppumpadi Atthipuzha, was caught from his locked house.

Benoy Stanley, a native of Thoppumpadi, was stabbed to death at 7.45 pm yesterday. After this, it is said that Allen went to the house where he was hiding and went to sleep. This house, which is right next to Alan’s house, was locked from the outside.

It is suggested that the murder was motivated by revenge for taking Alen to drug addiction treatment. The two can be heard arguing over these issues from the CCTV footage. Alan says everyone thinks he’s crazy. But Benoi is also talking about whether it was wrong to try to rescue the drunken man by taking him.

Alen is known to have been admitted to drug addiction treatment out of state. Alan says he was treated by a psychiatrist here. It is also said that Benoit was threatened by Allen for some time. Benoy told his friends that Alan was running, saying that he would not call him.