The number of Covid Patients rae in Kerala will increase by the end of October; Chief Minister

Pinarayi Vijayan about Covid
Pinarayi Vijayan about Covid

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has warned that the number of COVID patients in Kerala will increase again by the end of October. COVID rate is increased day by day. The test positivity rate is above 8. The CM pointed out that it should be kept below 5. The CM said that more than half of the total COVID patients in Kerala were in August. COVID confirmed 1553 cases in the state yesterday. Of those diagnosed, 1391 were infected through contact.

Coronavirus Updates in Kannur
Coronavirus Updates in Kerala

10 deaths were reported last day. 1950 people were cured. This was announced by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at a press conference after the COVID review meeting. There are a total of 21516 COVID patients in the state.

The CM said that 30342 samples were tested in 24 hours. The number of one-day positive cases in the country has increased to 83,883. 1043 deaths were reported in 24 hours. The number of COVID positive cases in the country is 38.54 lakh. There are 8.16 lakh positive cases. 67400 people died. There is no equivalent increase in Kerala, said the Chief Minister.44% cases of corona infections in India only in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu!

But the situation does not provide relief. The positive number has been declining for two days. That is not a sign of diminishing vigilance. Onam was a holiday and so on. So people were reluctant to go for the test. Tests in private hospitals and labs have declined. The CM said that the number of such cases was low due to the low number of such cases.