Tourism is reviving in Jammu and Kashmir

Tourism is returning in Jammu and Kashmir

The number of tourists arriving in Jammu and Kashmir to holiday has increased in the last three months, since the snow fall began. If this rush of tourists continues, it can break the record of last three years. Talking about Pahalgam, there has been a gradual increase in tourism in the region for couple of weeks.

While around 3,750 tourists visited Srinagar in January 2020, it increased to 19,000 tourists in January 2021. Bollywood is again turning its eyes and cameras towards its once-favorite destination Kashmir including famous Ski resort Gulmarg as with the increase in the footfall of tourists, film and television crews are returning to the valley to capture the picturesque, shooting-friendly locales and rekindle the old romance with the place. Many children opted to ride a pony to enjoy the scenic view of the valley. Several pony wallahs were offering rides to tourists just outside the resorts. Apart from resorts, the hotel businesses too registered a huge influx in tourism. After the abrogation of the special status of J&K 370 and 35-A, this is the first time when the valley is witnessing a huge number of tourists visiting the place. The tourist flow has picked up in Kashmir since the valley recorded snowfall a few days ago.

To promote tourism in Kashmir’s Gulmarg hill station, the Tourism Department has organized various skiing courses. Other winter sports are also being played here. Currently, Gulmarg is full of tourists having great winter moments. Notably, 20,000 people in Gulmarg earn their livelihood from the arrival of tourists.