Upgraded living facilities for Indian Troops in Eastern Ladakh

The Indian military has set up improved living facilities for troops deployed in eastern Ladakh region. The government is offering new living facilities as temperatures in the region drop to 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and snow falls to 40 feet after November. The Indian Army said in a statement that arrangements have been made for upgraded living facilities for all troops deployed in the region to ensure the efficiency of the troops deployed during the winter. In addition to the smart camps, additional state-of-the-art settlements with integrated amenities for electricity, water, heating, health and hygiene facilities have recently been created to welcome the troops. According to the Indian Army, the troops on the front line are accommodated in heated tents according to the tactical considerations of their deployment. In addition, adequate civilian infrastructure has also been identified to meet the emerging needs of soldiers. Indian and Chinese troops have been at an impasse since early May along the Line of Effective Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. The situation deteriorated in June following the clash in the Galwan Valley in which both sides suffered losses.