Village Officer Caught by Vigilance for Demanding ₹50,000 Bribe from Homemaker for Granting Title Deed

Malappuram: Village officer arrested for demanding bribe from housewife to grant pattayam. Malappuram Tuvvur village officer Sunilraj was caught while accepting a bribe of Rs.20000. The village officer was arrested by a team led by Malappuram Vigilance DYSP.

The accused village officer bought Rs.20,000 from Thechiyotan Jamila, a resident of Neelancheri. Jamila, who does not even have her own house, has been coming to the village office many times for land title. But Sunil Rajin’s reply was that the title can be fixed if I pay Rs 52000. Jamila asked to reduce the bribe amount but it did not happen.

Local political leaders including the ward member asked the village officer to help Jamila, but Sunilraj demanded Rs 32,000. Jamila could not organize this either. Jamila informed the vigilance and reached the village office today with Rs 20,000 borrowed. Immediately after receiving the money, Sunilraj was caught by the vigilance team.