10 year old girl abducted in Kasargod was sexually abused , accused were arrested

Kasaragod: In the case of abducting a 10 year old girl who was sleeping inside the house and stealing gold, the child was a victim of sexual violence, according to the medical report. Locals found the girl abandoned by the assailant with injuries on her eyes and neck in the morning. It is reported that three people are in custody in connection with the incident and they belong to the local drug mafia. The incident happened in the morning.

The accused abducted a ten-year-old girl who was sleeping inside a vacant house in Patannakkad. The girl was abducted at three o’clock in the morning today and left behind after stealing her gold earring. Around three in the morning, the girls’s grandfather opened the kitchen door of the house to milk the cow.

This is how the child was kidnapped. After the robbery, the child was abandoned a short distance from the house. The child is now in Kanhangad District Hospital. Locals searched for the child but could not find him. In the meantime, the boy came to another house a little far away and woke up the family and told them about it.