133 stranded Pakistanis due to lockdown return home via Wagah Border

At least 133 Pakistani nationals, who were stranded in parts of India due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown, returned home via Wagah International Border on Wednesday. Besides, nine Indians too left for Pakistan this morning. In all, 142 people, who were stranded in India due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown, left for Pakistan, reports said.

Few others, whose names were not included in the list approved by the Centre government for traveling back to Pakistan, expressed their displeasure and urged the government to facilitate their early return to their country. Several Pakistani women and children, who were among those who were allowed to go back home, were quite elated and thanked the Government of India for reuniting them with their family back home. With tears in their eyes, many of them expressed their gratitude to the Narendra Modi government for facilitating their return after a gap of nearly one year. In September last year, several Pakistani nationals, who were stranded in India due to the COVID-19 lockdown, were sent to their home through the Attari-Wagah border by the Centre. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on March 24 announced a 21-day lockdown for the entire country, stating that it was the only way to break the chain of infection.