Afghan nationals must travel to India on e-visa

All Afghan nationals, who planned to seek refugee in India due to the crisis in Afghanistan after the return of Taliban, must travel to the country on e-visa, the Ministry of Home Affairs said on Wednesday owing to the evolving security situation in Afghanistan. The government said that the introduction of the e-Emergency X-Misc visa has streamlined the application process, thus it has been decided to make the e-Visa mandatory for all Afghan nationals coming to India.

“Keeping in view some reports that certain passports of Afghan nationals have been misplaced, previously issued visas to all Afghan nationals, who are presently not in India, stand invalidated with immediate effect,” the MHA said in a statement. The development comes a day after Union minister Hardeep Puri said India had organised seven evacuation flights on which 626 people including 228 Indians have been evacuated. Previously issued visas to all Afghan nationals, not presently in India, stand invalid with immediate effect, the government declared. It added that the decision was taken keeping in view reports that surfaced, indicating that certain passports of Afghan nationals have been misplaced.

For Afghan nationals who wish to travel to India, an official release issued by the ministry of external affairs pointed to the authorised visa application portal of the Indian government. Earlier, India announced a new category of electronic visa called “e-Emergency X-Misc Visa” for the Afghans to fast-track visa applications for their entry into India.