Afzal cheated by paying for the visa, the cause of Shajikumar’s death

He took money and cheated by saying that he would pay for the visiting visa. Shaji Kumar, a native of Kollam Kadaikal committed suicide. They took two lakh rupees by pledging the house in the cooperative bank. Of this, Rs 1.72 lakh was paid for the visa and later got stuck.

Afzal took the money from the family saying that he can take his son to the Gulf. The family says that the money was paid by giving five cents for the house and land in the cooperative bank. The deceased Shaji’s wife says that he came to this thinking that the financial problems at home can be solved.

Afzal was trapped by saying that it was a good opportunity to take him. No documents were procured for proof. Shaji’s wife said that they cheated because they believed so much.