Akhil’s death; SK Hospital Responds

SK Hospital has revealed the death of Akhil which was released by Karma News the other day. The doctors told Karma News that the news that came out about the death was completely false. Akhil was in critical condition when he reached the hospital. When looked at the ECG, there was a change. The cardiologist was of the opinion that due to some differences in the ECG, the angiography should be done immediately and can be done after waiting for a while. At that time the patient was going into cardiac arrest.

It was only when Akhil’s old records were checked that he had another condition called Severe Aortic Stenosis. Sometimes his family members or even he does not know that he has such a disease. The news that Akhil’s treatment was delayed by five and a half hours is false. It can be understood by looking at the CCTV. The patient who came for two hours was transferred to the ICU within four hours. Doctors and health workers said that the family members abused the hospital, doctors and health workers.