Ambulance travel at excessive speeds, bleeding, neglect at Government Medical College Hospital: the shocking experience of a Covid positive pregnant woman

The excess of the speed of the ambulance ride to the physical and mental pain and the heavy bleeding COVID sick pregnant women. An ambulance ride was the lifeblood of a pregnant woman who came from the Gulf and was staying at quarantine in Kodungallur, Thrissur. When I went to the hospital with bleeding, the negligence I felt there was also heartbreaking. The information came out after Neju Ismail, a social activist from Kodungallur, shared a voice message sent by the woman to a friend. On June 25, a three – month – pregnant woman returned from Dubai with her two children, aged five and eight. It was a time of intense Kovid expansion there. The decision was made reluctantly, thinking it would be dangerous to remain there in this state.

The young woman and her children came home and stayed in the quarantine on the top floor of the house. There were no problems with the quarantine. She was rushed to Kodungallur Govt Hospital by ambulance on July 1, saying the Kovid test was mandatory for pregnant women. On the third day, there were calls from various departments. Flight and seat number searched. COVID is positive, says Thrissur Medi. An ambulance was called to take him to the college hospital.

The ambulance, which said it would arrive at 2 p.m., arrived at 6 p.m. There was only the driver in it. The driver was informed by the health that the young woman was pregnant. There were no health workers in the ambulance. When he got into the car, the driver asked him if he was pregnant and made sure.

The ambulance was running at an alarming speed. The ambulance sped through the curves and turns. About halfway through the journey, the young woman experienced severe pain and discomfort from her abdomen. Bleeding started. He has rushed to the hospital shortly afterward. When I told the driver about the bleeding, he asked if I could tell him to stop. Asked if he had been told by the hospital that she was pregnant, he said nothing.

I had to sit in the car for half an hour with my bloodied body. The gynecologist arrived half an hour after getting out of the car. She said she was pregnant and had bleeding but did not respond. Checked after a while. After the examination, they said that there was no bleeding inside, that the uterus was not open at present, that the chance of opening could not be ruled out, and that the chances of having or not having a baby were fifty-five. The woman said she had never had any problems during her previous two deliveries and pregnancy and that the driver’s rough driving was the cause of all the problems.

After completing the inspection, he was released to the ward. The girl was taken to the bed with her luggage. There was still bleeding. He handed her a blanket. No one spread out. The pad was asked to be brought from home when it was bleeding. When asked again, She gave the cotton cloth wrapped around the wound a little thicker.

When asked if the child had a scan to see if there was anything wrong, the on-duty doctor said yes. The night duty doctor came and asked for information and said he had told the radiologist. At night someone brought a scanning machine. But the waiting for the radiologist ended at 5 pm the next day.

After the scan, the doctor said that there was no blood collection inside, the placenta was on top and there were no other problems and he did not understand why the bleeding was taking place. On a ninth day take the next swab. The next day, the result was negative. On the tenth day, the quarantine came home and sat down.

The woman is currently undergoing treatment in Kodungallur. The fourth month was scanned as usual. After the examination, the local doctor said that the bleeding was due to the placenta being too low. The young woman is still experiencing the effects of that journey. Bleeding is still there. Injections are taken weekly to avoid abortion. Neju Ismail says the young woman is still recovering from the trauma.