HIV positive people are coming back to the negative, Sayas Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Center

It’s a miracle that HIV positive people are coming back to the negative. But such an incident is being shared with Karma News by the Parabrahma Ayurveda Research Center, Bangalore, announcing the strength of Indian Ayurveda. When such information was discussed, Karma News first asked for records of being positive from HIV negative. The experiences of 44 aged women in Chennai who have been HIV positive for 8 years are now giving hope to the whole world.

This woman has been showing HIV positive lab reports for 8 years. Later, after consuming Parabrahma’s immunity booster, they showed the lab report 15 days later. Amazing changes can be seen in these 2 reports as well. In addition, the new report shows that the woman is immune to HIV infection and variation in the blood pressure. Parabrahma claims that the powder in a small bottle of Parabrahma’s food supplement should be mixed with water and consumed for only 21 days, which will cure the virus. You must remember that this is not just a claim of this one center. The preventive food supplement powder was given to more than 10,000 COVID positive people in most states of India. People who have taken a preventive food supplement say that the body gets amazing immunity in 2 or 3 days. Already thousands of people in Kerala have used Parabrahma’s immunity booster. No one shared Disappointed comments. Mehboob, now a leading political leader and Vice Chairman of the NDA Kerala unit, shares his experience in this regard.

Allopaths will come with a complaint if said this is a drug for COVID. If the drug is to be prescribed, the permission of the allopaths and their clinical test should be done. But the Ayurveda Research Center has been demanding for 2 months for the Parabrahma Immunity Booster Clinical Test and Allopathic Lab Test, which are needed to make the COVID immune in the human body. Allopaths do not do that. Therefore, according to the World Health Organization’s criteria, the term COVID medicine cannot be used said Parabrahma Ayurveda Research Center

let us go back to the experience of another Malayalee who used this

Parabrahma claims that the immunity booster, which has the potential to fight all viruses, like COVID & HIV. In any case, its research and scientific evaluation should not take too long. Parabrahma claims that the immunity booster COVID, which has the potential to fight all viruses, is the same as HIV. In any case, its research and scientific evaluation should not take too long. Parabrahma also raises that need. Its cost in the market is huge as it is an invaluable material ingredient‌. A bottle of powder costs Rs 5,999. They say the government will do whatever it wants to do to reduce prices and that low-cost construction will be easy with government help.

However, Ayurveda is not a lie. Not untrue. It is one of the oldest therapies in the world to have been tested and changed over time. Nature and natural greens and medicines are all Panaceas.his is only the first revelation of Parabrahma’s claim to cure HIV. Let us Wait for more results. There are more than 2000 medical reports and statements of people infected with the COVID virus after consuming Parabrahma’s immunity booster. How can we deny that thousands of people testify that the patient has recovered?

Anyway people are talking about how the Parabrahma Immunity Booster builds up resistance in the human body. Parabrahma says that a detailed report on the HIV positive person’s experience, documents, allopathic doctor’s explanation, and lab report will be released in detail and also the world is ready for the great news.