Animal Cruelty; young man who killed a pet dog by hitting it on a rock in Idukki

Idukki: Youth kills dog by hitting rock. The incident took place at Nedunkandam Sannyasi in Idukki. A case has been registered against Rajesh in Kalapuramamat. The accused killed the dog in a rage due to the barking of the neighbour’s dog.

The neighbor’s pet dog, who is also a relative, was tragically killed. There was a family dispute and property dispute between the two households. This also led to brutality. The other day Rajesh came to the house and had an argument over the property. He then beat up his sister and an elderly woman.

That time the dog was bark. Then Rajesh dragged the dog to a nearby rock and beat it to death. Police also said that Rajesh had regularly beaten up his sister and family.