Army made indigenous messaging app ‘SAI’ like WhatsApp, know what will be special with Secure Communication

The Indian Army has developed an indigenous messaging app like WhatsApp, carrying forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign. Its name is Secure Application for Internet (Sai). This information was given by the Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

This army messaging app will be completely safe. She will use this app for mutual communication. The app will support end to end secure voice, text and video calling service. This messaging app will be for smartphones using Android based Internet service.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, it said that Sai would be like a messaging app already in India like WhatsApp, Telegram, Samvad and Jims. It will use the end to end encryption messaging protocol.

It was further stated that Sai would be used by the military throughout the country to send messages safely. The Defense Minister, after reviewing the functioning of the app, praised the talent and skill of Colonel Sai Shankar, who developed the app.