Attukal Pongala festival begins today

Thiruvananthapuram: The 10-days Atukal Pongala festival will begins today.The world famous Pongala is on 25th. Devotees from different parts of the state will reach the shrine of Amma.

‘Usha Sribali’ Pujas were performed in the temple early in the morning. After that, Kapukettu ceremony takes place. The kapuputtal ceremony involves tying one of the two kapas made in Panchaloham to the Goddess’s scythe and the other to Melshanti’s hand. Then, after sprinkling the Holy Spirit and purifying it, Melshanti is guarded.

On the ninth day, after returning to the Manakad Shasta temple, the Goddess returns from the goddess’s scythe and Melshanti’s hand. Devotees offer Pongala on 25th Puram day of Kumbh month. The festival will conclude on 27th.