Ayurveda in Covid-19 treatment, Kerala Govt issued order

Covid-19 patients can get Ayurveda Treatment, Government order issued

Kerala state government has given permission to use Ayurvedic system in Covid-19 treatment. The order has been issued to treat asymptomatic and minor Covid-19 patients. According to the Indian System of Medicine department’s Amrutham project, only 342 (0.342 per cent) of the 1,01,218 people who took ayurvedic medicine while in quarantine were infected with Covid-19. The treatment should be provided upon patient’s consent and under the supervision of experts from the Government Ayurveda Institute in the presence of special Nodal Officer. Earlier, the Central Government had given permission of Ayurvedic treatment for Covid-19, but the recommendation has not been implemented by the Kerala State Government due to the opposition raised by the Allopathy doctors. Those interested to follow the ayurvedic treatment can contact the nearest government, ayurvedic dispensary or hospital.