Canada, South Korea, Mauritius announce aid to help India’s pandemic fight

Several more countries, including Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Mauritius, on Wednesday announced their assistance to India to deal with the world’s worst outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Canada has announced $10 million in funding for humanitarian assistance to Canadian Red Cross to support Indian Red Cross Society’s response to the prevailing covid situation.

South Korea says it will provide India with oxygen concentrators, COVID-19 diagnostic kits and other aid items to help the South Asian nation with the world’s worst surge in coronavirus infections. Health official Yoon Taeho said Wednesday the government will also allow irregular flights to bring back South Korean nationals from India. Yoon didn’t elaborate on the amount of aid items South Korea will send to India. The country’s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the amount of material it was considering sending to India would be “considerable.” The countries extended help not in response to distress signals from the Indian government, but as part of a global initiative to contain the ferocious second wave of the infection.