Disappeared two years ago; The girl was found alive in the sea

It’s an amazing thing now, full of news from Colombia. The reason is that the young woman who went missing two years ago was found alive at sea. It is also noteworthy that the girl was found floating in the sea by fishermen. The girl was found by fishermen off the coast of Colombia. The dramatic video of them finding and rescuing the girl from the sea went viral on social media. Ronaldo Visbal, a fisherman, and his friends found the girl at sea.

They thought that a young woman by the name of Gaitan was walking on a log until she raised her hand to ask for help. They were in a state of exhaustion when they were dragged into the boat after realizing that they were human. Later,
the victim of their right after the pre-history of the manifest identified.

She ran away from home in 2018 after enduring harassment from her ex-husband. She says she jumped into the sea to end her life the moment everything in her life felt shattered. She said she lost consciousness after the jump and did not remember what happened to her.