Pakistan’s non-cooperation: India says justice for victims of terror attacks delayed

Justice for the victims in the terror attacks in Pakistan is delayed. Justice for the victims of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks and the 2016 Pathankot airbase is being delayed due to Pakistan’s reluctance and non-cooperation.

PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Foreign Secretary Vijay Thakur Singh made the remarks while addressing a virtual meeting of the Friends of Terrorism Friends Group. The world community has a responsibility to bring justice to them. The virtual meeting was jointly organized by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Unit and the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and Spain.

Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the attack. India had strongly condemned the attack. Singh said that we need to work together against terrorism and take international action to bring justice to the victims. Terrorism is a threat to world peace and security. The world community needs to think about how to help victims. The UN General Assembly has twice passed resolutions to commemorate August 21 as a day of remembrance for victims of terrorism. Singh said the Global Congress to Help Victims of Terrorism in 2021 would discuss their problems and take steps to help. India and Pakistan staged a protest strongly to conduct elections in Gilgit bank. Pakistan has decided to hold elections in Gilgit-Baltistan on November 15.

Gilgit-Baltistan, part of Jammu and Kashmir, is an integral part of India. This is an area that has been unjustly occupied by Pakistan. Pakistan is trying to seize Gilgit province through illegal encroachment. Pakistan should not try to make any changes here through illegal encroachment. Gilgit-Baltistan was part of Jammu and Kashmir.

India has raised this issue in international fora, including the United Nations. Pakistan has no authority to hold elections here. India has made it clear that Pakistan has no authority to hold elections here illegally.