The first conversation of Donald Trump and Joe Biden broke the standard of both!

Donald Trump accepts defeat, agrees to Biden transition

Republican Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden clashed in a direct confrontation. Candidate debate is the biggest campaign issue before the presidential election. Neutral voters who are not interested in party politics decide on the next president based on the debate. Trump, who has generally performed well on television shows, has also been caught up in the debate. As usual, the opponent was beaten and insulted. Joe Biden was on the defensive despite the many issues to attack. Biden also played a key role in lowering the level of debate by using clown jokes.

Biden accused Trump of being a liar. The fact is that everything he has been saying so far is a lie. I’m not here to tell you about his lies. “Everyone knows he’s a liar,” Biden said, attacking Trump. Biden also accused Trump of failing to help small businesses suffering from the coronavirus epidemic. Biden complained about Trump, saying, “This clown does not allow me to say a word.”

Trump justified his election rallies by a large number of people during the COVID era and criticized Biden’s rallies, which were attended by only a handful of people, in keeping with the COVID protocol. Trump justified the Womban rallies by saying he wanted people to know what he was saying.

Trump did not spare Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Trump said the low-level allegations that Biden’s son used drugs and was expelled from the military and that Biden passed with the lowest marks during his school years were a way to escape the anchor’s questions.

When Biden accused the Trump administration of failing to deal with the corona that caused the deaths of more than two million Americans, Trump said that if Biden had been president, 3 million people would have already died of COVID.

The debate took place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Biden and Trump arrived without wearing masks during the 90-minute debate.

During the 90-minute discussion, only a handful of people were present, keeping a social distance.

The only reference is to Trump’s claim that India does not provide an accurate count of Kovid’s death, even though both parties are trying to get the one percent Indian vote.