DYFI worker hacked in Thiruvananthapuram,controversy over poster destruction

Thiruvananthapuram: A DYFI worker was injured in the clash after the poster was destroyed. Sujith, a member of the Thiruvananthapuram DYFI Pulimath regional committee and a native of Kamukinkuzhi, was stabbed.

There was tension over the destruction of LDF candidate V Joy’s poster at Kamukin Kogi junction. After this, he entered the house at night and hacked Sujith.

Sujith was admitted to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital. After the LDF candidate’s poster was destroyed, Sujith and his team came to put up a new poster and had an altercation with the RSS workers. It is reported that after this last night Sujith was attacked in his house.

Sujith has a cut on his hand. Sujith has given a statement to the police that the attack was led by four RSS workers.