Election Commission Informs Supreme Court: Reports of EVMs Giving Extra Votes to BJP in Kerala’s Kasargod Are False

Delhi: The Election Commission rejected the news that BJP got extra votes during the Kasaragod Mock Poll. The Commission may submit a detailed report to the Supreme Court. During the mock poll, the Election Commission claimed that the incident of overvoting for the parties was a technical glitch and it was rectified immediately. The Election Commission also said that the Returning Officer has given a report in this regard.

But in the first three rounds of Mock poll, UDF agent Nasser alleged that BJP got votes without polling. While all the candidates got one vote each, the BJP candidate got one more vote in VVPAT. A complaint was lodged with the Assistant Returning Officer in the incident. The problem was solved in the last round. He responded that there are no problems with the voting machine and care should be taken to avoid such irregularities on the polling day.

Today, senior advocate Prashant Bhushan raised the information in the Supreme Court that Kasargod BJP received unpolled votes in the mock poll. The Election Commission’s argument was in response to this.

The Election Commission told the Supreme Court that no discrepancy has been found in the counting of VVPAT slips and no difference has been found so far in the 4 crore VVPAT slips. The Supreme Court is hearing a plea seeking complete counting of VVPAT slips.