Governor Arif Muhammad Khan says that,”Communism has collapsed everywhere because of violence.”

Thiruvananthapuram: Governor Arif Muhammad Khan said that some forces are promoting violence in the state and communism has collapsed everywhere due to violence. He also stated that the complaint given to him by Siddharth’s parents regarding the death of Siddharth, who was a student of Pookode Veterinary University, Wayanad, has been forwarded to the DGP. The governor also said that the role of SFI is clear from the reply that seven people were arrested in the incident. He also requested political parties to desist from violence.

Communism still exists only in Kerala. They are training for violence. Cases can drag on for decades. The army is being created to be totally subservient to the leaders. These youths cannot apply for any job. The future of the youth is being destroyed.

Very sad about the incident. The child’s mother, father and brother should also be grieved. A brave family. Political parties should give up violence. He appealed to the political parties to reconsider their modus operandi and asked them not to encourage youths in violence.

Referring to the TP murder case, the governor said that the person who was with them was killed. The High Court has now increased the sentence in that case. Where does promoting violence lead to society? They believe in violence. It is the youth who engage in violence. Senior leaders were convicted in the TP case. He also asked what other proof is needed for violence.