Guidelines for Covid patients in Kerala local Body Polls

The Kerala State Election Commission has issued detailed guidelines on voting by COVID patients and those in quarantine under the category of Special Voters in the Kerala Local Body Election. Postal voting facility will be allowed for those testing positive and those who go in quarantine before 3 pm prior to the day of poll, after this deadline can vote at booths from 5 pm to 6 pm on the polling day.

They can come directly to the polling booths and cast their votes after all ordinary voters in queue and those who have been issued tokens have completed voting. A certified list of special voters will be prepared by designated health officers. They will prepare a list of special voters in each district (who is either an active COVID-19 patient or is in mandatory quarantine within ten days before poll day till 3 pm on the eve of the election). The special polling officer and polling assistant will distribute the special ballot papers to this group. The voter will have to endorse receipt of the ballot on Form 19 B. After the voter fills up the application, a declaration and Special Ballot Paper will be handed over. The voter also has to a declaration before the officer. The voter should cast the ballot maintaining utmost secrecy. The vote can either be handed over to the polling officer or sent to the returning officer via another person or via mail. This is part of the detailed guidelines released by V Bhaskaran, Kerala State Election Commissioner for the upcoming local body polls.