Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s children and grandchildren were killed in israel airstrike

The children and grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh were reportedly killed in an Israeli airstrike. Three sons and two grandsons were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza on Wednesday, a Palestinian Islamist group and Haniya’s family said. The car being driven by sons Hasem, Amir and Muhammad was bombed in al-Shati camp in Gaza.

Hamas media reported that two of Haniya’s grandchildren were killed in the attack and a third was wounded. “The blood of my children is less painful than the blood of our people,” said Hania, who lives in Qatar. Haniyeh was the stern face of Hamas’s international diplomacy as the war with Israel in the Gaza Strip escalated again. About 60 of Hania’s family members have been killed so far in the Israeli attack. Israel has accused Haniya’s children of being armed members of Hamas.