Delhi Minister Raaj Kumar Anand resigns from cabinet and AAP party

Delhi: After the arrest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, there was an explosion in AAP. Social Welfare Minister Rajkumar Anand resigned from the cabinet and the party. After resigning, Raaj kumar Anand told the media that he joined AAP to fight against corruption, but today the same AAP has sunk into corruption.

Raj Kumar said that the party has sunk into corruption. ‘Joined after seeing Aam Aadmi Party’s strong message to fight against corruption. Today the party is in the midst of corruption. That is why I have decided to resign’ said Anand.

The minister’s resignation came when Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was released from jail. The AAP leadership has already accused the BJP of trying to buy its leaders. Meanwhile, the minister resigned.

In relation to the liquor policy case, the chief minister’s unwillingness to resign after going to jail and his stance that he would rule from jail caused a big difference of opinion within the party. Meanwhile, for the first time, a prominent minister resigned from the party and the cabinet.