K. Sudhakaran Makes Controversial Statement on Eranjoli Bomb Blast

Kannur: KPCC president K Sudhakaran made a controversial comment on the Eranjoli bomb blast. Sudhakaran asked that the deceased was not young. Sudhakaran told the media that the bombs are yet to explode and he will tell later.

‘The bomb is yet to explode. Let’s break it down. And then I’ll see you. Sudhakaran said that it is not the young who died, but the old.

Meanwhile, after the Eranjoli bomb blast, a local woman came forward with a revelation. Seena, a neighbor of Velayudhan, who died in the bomb blast yesterday, said that bombs are being made regularly in the area and bombs have been recovered from the fields many times. She told the media that no one is silent because they are afraid and they speak openly because of intolerance.

“The party members have taken away the bomb many times before. All the empty houses are their base. Many are afraid to keep quiet. If they talk, they will bomb their houses. And will not be allowed to live. We are ordinary people. We have to live. A normal person died yesterday. Live without fear. Our children should be able to play and walk through the fields’- Seena told the media.

Yesterday afternoon, the explosion took place in a house near the village panchayat office and the Eranjoli CPM branch committee office. Velayudhan, who had come to collect coconuts in the field, was killed in a steel bomb blast. The blast happened when he was trying to open a steel container he got while picking coconuts. Police have intensified investigation into the incident. The Congress and the BJP had alleged that the bomb was made with the knowledge of the CPM.