Kayamkulam market to open on Friday; 18 Terms to Know

Kayamkulam market to open on Friday; 18 Terms to Know
Kayamkulam market to open on Friday; 18 Terms to Know

It was decided at the meeting of the Disaster Management Authority at the Collectorate to open the Kayamkulam market with restrictions from August 14 (Friday). Kayamkulam has been placed on high alert in the wake of the spread of COVID. A month ago, the corporation directed to close the Kayamkulam market and shops in the surrounding area due to the arrival of COVID victims.

Key terms: 

1. It will be open from 4 in the morning.

2. Only 4 persons can be admitted to an institution at a time.

3. Every day from 12 noon to 6 am, vehicles carrying goods from other states will be allowed to unload.

4. Loaded vehicles should be parked at the Municipal Railway Terminal Bus Stand.

5. Lorry drivers/cleaners will be given permission to use the Municipal Comfort Station and Rest House.

6. Those who come for retail trade daily from 6 am to 9 am will be allowed to load the load from the shops to the small vehicles.

7. Parking of any vehicles will not be allowed in the market daily from 9 am to 7 pm. Only small vehicles will be allowed to enter the market during this time for the public to buy and carry goods.

8. The Station House Officer will make arrangements for the route of vehicles entering the market in consultation with the Kayamkulam Police.

9. The market will be completely closed on Sunday and the cleaning will be done.

10. Only 30 heavy trucks will be allowed to enter the market on a single day.

11. In each establishment, the details of the vehicle carrying the load, the driver’s name, address, phone number, name of the loading worker, address, and phone number should be kept in a separate register and should be produced for inspection at the request of the municipality.

12. In all business establishments, the names of the persons who come to buy goods should be recorded in the register.

13. Handwashing facilities, sanitizers, and social distances should be properly implemented in all business establishments.

14. All traders must undergo the Kovid test.

15. The shops in the market should also use the digital register service provided through the Kovid Jagratha portal.

16. Documents relating to the relevant Kovid test should be produced during the inspection by the Municipal Health Department.

17. It is illegal to trade on the sidewalk as it is illegal.

18. The People’s Oversight Committee headed by Kayamkulam Municipality will ensure restrictions in the market.