Ban on large aircraft in Karipur; The DGCA said the decision could be reconsidered after the monsoon

After a flight crash in Karripur, the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) ban all flights. The ban will be reviewed after the monsoon, the DGCA said. The ban comes after an Air India Express plane crashed during a landing, killing 18 people. Large aircraft was restricted following the crash.

Asked how long the ban would last, DGCA officials said the date had not been set and would wait until the end of the monsoon. Larger aircraft, the B747, and A350 have larger fuel tanks and can travel longer distances than smaller aircraft, the B737, and A320. Larger aircraft require a longer runway for take-off and landing.

The tabletop runway 10 at Kozhikode Airport is 2,700 meters long. Large aircraft have been allowed to land here since 2019. DGCA officials said special inspections would be carried out at Mumbai and Chennai airports, which have been hit by heavy rains. Meanwhile, the technical team came to the scene with the argument that the propaganda that the water in the runway was the cause of the accident was baseless. Information regarding the review of the runway just before the accident in the control section of handed over to the investigation team. The runway is inspected every ten minutes for continuous landings and once every hour for long periods of time. Prior to the accident, the inspection revealed that there were no problems with the aircraft landing on the runway.

The DGCA team conducting the investigation has been collecting information from the air traffic control unit for two days. The statements of the ATC officials who were on duty at the time of the accident have also been recorded. The information gathered from the black box recovered from the plane will be crucial in the investigation.