Kerala’s electricity consumption has reached a new record high

Thiruvananthapuram: Electricity consumption in the state is at an all-time record. Power consumption hit an all-time high of 104.63 million units yesterday, up from 103.86 million units on Tuesday. As usage increased, so did the cost of the board. The board spent an additional Rs 256 crore on purchasing electricity this month.

9.5 crores in additional cost of purchasing power per day. Electricity Minister K.Krishnankutty said that people should take care to limit the use of electricity. When the consumption increases, KSEB continues to supply electricity by purchasing it from the power exchange at an exorbitant price. 300 to 600 MW electricity is bought at higher prices most days to avoid the crisis.

The average price per unit at Power Exchange is Rs.12. By the month of April, the additional cost of purchasing electricity will rise to 20 crores per day. On Tuesday, 90.16 million units were delivered from abroad. The crisis is also likely to worsen if power consumption is not controlled between 6 pm and 11 pm.