License Suspended for Driving with Toddler on Lap 

Kozhikode: The license of a native of Malappuram was suspended for driving with a three-year-old child on his lap. The incident took place on the 10th of last month in Purakattiri. The AI ​​camera caught the child sitting on the driver’s seat and holding the steering wheel.

With this, the license of Muhammad Mustafa, a native of Malappuram, was suspended. The action of RTO is for three months. Mustafa gives the explanation that when the baby cried on the way to Kuttyadi with his family from Malappuram, he put the baby on his lap.

But the action was taken on the grounds that the child was stopped and driven in such a way as to hide the driver’s view. Officials say that this will cause danger to other road users as well.