Postmortem report of TTE Vinod released as cause of death due to severe head injury and amputation of legs

The preliminary conclusion of the post-mortem of TTE Vinod, who was pushed and killed by a foreign worker from the train in Velappaya, is out. The post-mortem report states that the cause of death was severe head injury and amputation of the legs in the fall.

In a fall, he hit his head on a rail pillar or something and got deeply injured. The legs were cut off by a train that passed through the nearby tracks. Officials informed that the internal organs will be sent for examination for detailed examination. Similarly, it will be checked whether the internal organs were damaged in the fall.

The incident took place at around 7 pm last night. TTE asked the accused for his ticket when he reached Mulangunanthukav station, who boarded the train from Ernakulam. Then there was a dispute regarding this and Vinod asked the accused to pay the fine. After paying the fine, Vinod was facing the door. It was during this time that the accused refused. In the FIR, it is also stated that Vinod’s body fell from the train to the track and another train came down on it. Then the accused was arrested from Palakkad.

Odisha native Rajinikanth has been charged with murder in the incident. According to the FIR, the accused pushed TTE Vinod, a native of Manjumal, Ernakulam, from the train with the intention of killing him. Vinod, who was facing the door, was deliberately pushed from behind with both hands. According to the FIR, the reason behind the killing was the enmity over the demand of fine for not having a ticket.