“Many incidents happened in the month of March, Faith”. Actor’s new post that is gaining attention on social media.

Vijay Yesudas is the favorite singer of Malayalees. Vijay Yesudas, the son of Ganagandharvan Yesudas, has also tried his hand at acting. Vijay Yesudas has sung many hit songs. Apart from Malayalam, Vijay has also sung many songs in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu and Telugu languages. The singer has also received many awards. Vijay is also a singer who is always in news and gossip columns.

Forty-four-year-old Vijay got married after dating for a long time. Vijay Yesudas recently revealed that his marriage with his wife Darshana has been dissolved. But now it is the actor’s new post that is gaining attention on social media.

“Many incidents happened in the month of March. Faith..’ says Vijay Yesudas through the shared post. Fans are asking what the actor meant by this. Comments started coming that he intended to tell about incidents including his separation from his wife. After this, the actor has appeared in many other writings.

‘In many cases it is better not to react. Don’t get angry with people or situations. Neither of these would have any power without our response. If we understand these words, we can make a lot of changes in our lives,’ says Vijay.

If we don’t know how to forgive, how to talk, be honest, understand responsibility without blaming others, we need to understand that we have not grown up enough. We cannot go back and change the past. But by touching where we are, we may be able to make a change till the end…’ Vijay Yesudas also shared critical writings.