Masapadi Case;CMRL not handing over details of transactions with Exalogic, the questioning continues for a third day

Kochi: ED says that CMRL is not handing over the complete documents of the transaction with Exalogic in Masapadi case. ED says that the contract documents were not handed over. The ED sought records of financial transactions and contract documents. Chief Finance Manager P Suresh Kumar did not produce the contract document. Suresh Kumar will be questioned today.

Suresh Kumar said in the interrogation that the Interim Settlement Board of the Income Tax Department had examined and settled the requested documents. The reply was given that it is not possible to hand over the documents of the case which has been decided in this way. ED says the officials are replying “don’t know” to questions related to Exalogic. Suresh Kumar and former cashier Vasudevan will be questioned today.

Meanwhile, CMRL MD Sasidharan Karta did not appear yesterday despite being issued a notice asking him to appear for questioning. The plea filed by Sasidharan Karta and CMRL officials to avoid questioning will be heard on Friday. The present case was led to the revelation in the Interim Settlement Board that Exalogic received Rs 1.72 crore from CMRL.

This was following a report issued by the Income Tax Department which stated that this amount was remuneration for IT services but it was not clear what the services were.