Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost’ wandering bungalow, sold at just 22 million

The sale of the Neverland bungalow in California, popularly known as the ‘ghost’ bungalow of pop legend Michael Jackson, has finally taken place. The 2,700-acre plantation is owned by an American millionaire. Michael Jackson’s dream empire was acquired by Ron Berkeley for Rs 161 crore.

The bungalow was put up for sale in 2005 for $ 100 million. The price was reduced several times as there were no people to buy. Meanwhile, Jackson died in 2009. Since then, the bungalow has received more media attention and market value has risen. But prices have plummeted following reports that Michael Jackson’s “ghost” is roaming the streets. The estate, which was to be sold four years ago for Rs 730 crore, has now been sold for Rs 161 crore. The property has been bought by Michael Jackson’s associate and industrialist Ron Berkeley. Michael Jackson’s Dream Empire has a 12,500-square-feet building and a 3,700-square-feet swimming pool. Neverland is packed with luxury amenities, including Jackson’s pets and a children’s park. There is also a separate building, which has a 50-seater movie theater and a dance studio. It is also where he spent the crucial 15 years of Jackson’s career.

The bungalow was built in 1982. The bungalow features a colonial – style exterior, interiors and spacious gardens. An artificial lake has also been set up on four acres. The bungalow has six bedrooms. The new owner plans to start a club for millionaires here.