One thousand devotees to enter Guruvayur from tomorrow; Visitation facilities are for those who have booked in advance

Thousands of devotees will visit the Guruvayur temple from tomorrow on Ashtami Rohini day. Visibility is for those who have pre-booked through the virtual queue system. But vision can only occur up to four quarters. Preparations for this are in the final stages at the temple.

This is the first time since the lockdown that so many devotees have been admitted to Guruvayur. The temple is built to the Kovid standards. Small offerings to the devotees will also be given from tomorrow. The Nivedya counter, which was halted following the Kovid expansion, will be operational from tomorrow. The main offerings are milk pudding, ghee pudding, bread, bread, butter, fruit sugar, avil, and oil.

Temple officials said more than 6,000 marriages would be sealed and offerings made. The Devaswom Board has also decided to offer Tulabharam, Churuvilakku, and Krishnanattam. On Ashtamirohini Day, 10000 loaves of bread, 200 liters of milk sauce, 150 liters of neem paste, and 100 loaves will be offered. Devotees can submit offerings as and when required in the following days.
Devotees who enter the sanctum sanctorum under the neon lamp offerings will be allowed to enter the temple through a special line in the Q Complex through the east gate and will be given a deserving offering kit at the end of the darshan