New petition seeking adjournment of NEET examination – Supreme Court hearing today

NEET exam postponed due to coronavirus infection is taking place on the 13th. The apex court had earlier declared that the examination could not be canceled and ordered in the case filed against the NEET examination on behalf of 11 students. The apex court dismissed the petitions of the ministers of the six states and the new government seeking a review of the verdict, declaring that there was no impediment to NEET selection.

Following this, the hearing on the freshly filed petitions in the Supreme Court seeking adjournment of the hearing comes before Judge Ashok Bhushan today. Meanwhile, Principal Secretary, School Education, Theeraj Kumar has issued an order to make arrangements for conducting NEET examination in Tamil Nadu.

On August 17, the Bench dismissed pleas to postpone the conduct of NEET and JEE until the COVID-19 situation in the country normalizes, stating that the careers of students cannot be put in jeopardy by postponing the test indefinitely. This prompted cabinet ministers from six opposition-ruled States to file a review plea, urging the Court to reconsider the correctness of its August 17 ruling. This plea was also later dismissed.