Police have filed cases against SFI workers in connection with the protests against G Krishnakumar

Kollam: A case has been registered against SFI activists for creating tension in Chandanathope ITI. The conflict broke out after SFI stopped NDA candidate Krishnakumar. A case was registered against seven SFI workers on the complaint of ABVP and NDA constituency committee.

They have been charged with assault with a weapon, assault, wounding, unlawful assembly and detention. The incident happened when Krishnakumar arrived at Kollam Chandanathope ITI last day as part of the election campaign. The SFI protest was against the participation of the NDA candidate in a felicitation function organized by the ABVP inside the campus for the winners of the sports fair and retiring teachers.

SFI came to the stage and stopped Krishnakumar by holding his hand and not allowing him to enter the stage. Later, the group reached inside the stage and the class veranda. Finally, the teachers came to end the student conflict. Finally, the candidate returned after congratulating the principal and asking for his vote.