“Prosecution Alleges TP Chandrasekharan’s Murder Resulted from Years-Long Conspiracy and Deep-Seated Enmity”

Kochi. The prosecution said that the life sentence given to the accused in the TP Chandrasekaran murder case was insufficient and that the maximum penalty of death should be given to the culprits. TP’s is not a sudden killing. The prosecution said that years of conspiracy and enmity were behind it.

The killing of TP Chandrasekaran was not done by the mind of one person. A brutal murder took place. Who killed TP and why? That is the main question. The prosecution also said that the acceptance of TP’s party among the people, though small, led to the murder.

In the TP Chandrasekaran murder case, the pleas of the prosecution and KK Rama are seeking to increase the punishment of the accused.