“Provide registration numbers for new vehicles within two working days; officials who default will face consequences.”

Thiruvananthapuram: The Transport Commissioner has issued a circular directing that a registration number should be allotted to the vehicle within two working days if an application is received through the vehicle portal to register a new vehicle. Departmental disciplinary action will be taken against the officials who default in this. In the event of rejection of the application in the absence of any documents, the same should be clearly recorded.

The documents prescribed in Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules should be included while applying through Vahan Portal for registering a new vehicle. Additional documents should not be requested. Do not insist on personal Aadhaar and PAN details of those persons while applying for vehicle registration in the name of head of a company.

Instead follow up steps should be taken by including PAN and TAN information of these institutions. The name of the nominee is not mandatory in the application for registration. Nominee identification card should be requested only if name is given.

Persons having permanent address abroad and working in Government/Private Institutions in the State should be allowed registration on submission of proof of temporary address along with copy of Aadhaar proof of permanent address for vehicle registration.

In case of Government/Public Sector Undertakings employees should produce Office Identity Card (designation, address and date of issue) or Head of Office Certificate and in case of Private Institutions employees should produce the certificate on letterpad of institution (must have registration number of institution) along with salary certificate or payslip of employees. These proposals will come into effect from March 1.